Friday, April 6, 2012

This blog was dead for a longggg time. Wondering how's everyone(my readers) doing? I feel so emo right now and doesn't know who to turn to. :( Can only rely on this blog though I promised myself not to say anything about my feelings.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I had a nightmare yesterday. :( I wish it can be about I was chasing by a ghost, bitten up by someone etc. I can't believe it's a dream that makes me cry. When I woke up, I can still sense the tears on my face. It really breaks my heart.

My friend, Derrick is going through a tough time, being dumped by his love one. In my dream, my situation is WORSE than his. I feel so awful. Is it because I heard too many stories about this kind of thingy, being neglected for too long or watching too much dramas? Whatever it is, I feel really sad and the nightmare certainly makes my mood down. Sigh~ What to do? Hope it's only just a dream so I won't turn out to be a fellow like this.

Forever Alone :(

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Life

Had a great chat with my old friend last night. She told me that I'm having a colourful life. I wonder how people really define it?

Actually I'm having a pack lifestyle now.

Everyone knows that I'm still a student. So, for the time being, I'm always busy with my assignments. I'm in final year now, there's no way I can slack or not doing my best. I'm trying to improve as from the least, I can be better in all the skills that we've learned.

Just adopted a puppy from them on the 17th of July. My puppy was not really healthy when I first get her. Luckily she recovered and now she's a naughty little one. I'm really glad to have her. Sometime I feel depress yet she's the one who can make me forget about it. Everyone in my family loves her. :) After adopting her, I started to help SSPCA whenever I can because there's lot of animals there need homes! Tell me if you're willing to help, I'll let you know how.

I'm officially a tutor already. I was actually there to replace my friend as she's going back to Brunei for three weeks. Who knows I get a chance to work there as well. Needa' work for once every week so I hope it won't be a burden for me. I enjoy being one but I don't choose it as my real job though. I don't like teaching in school because there's too many students to care of. Teaching is a tiring job. =/ Respect your teachers always!

I have to help my brother to close shop almost everyday. To be honest, I don't really like to help because I have my assignments to do. I can't concentrate if I do it at shop but I have no choice. :( When I reach home, it's 8 something already. So I can only start my assignment around 10 something (Have to eat dinner and feed Cookie). If go out eat, I can only do it at 11 something. Urghhh~ Sad case.

Tell me, this is a colourful life or it's a packed life? To me, it's a packed life. Hopefully I'm wise enough to plan my time. Wish me luck ya! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have a lot to share but currently I'm busy with my assignments. Aahhhh!! Life~ Will update when I'm free. ><

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super hero daddy

My dad came back from China yesterday. He helped me out with the hamster's problem. He made a hole and poke the water bottle tube in and now it won't be disturb by my mummy hamster anymore. Yay!! Daddy's the best. ^^ Loves my super imba daddy xD

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My mummy hamster is really naughty. I know it's good having an active hamster in house but it may cause some troubles as well. She likes to stand on the water bottle that I stick on the wall for them to drink water. My mummy hamster, Tit tit keeps on biting and pulling it down for many times. Last night, an accident happened. The bottle fall and knock on her baby's head and it goes dizzy and can't walk properly. I'm so glad that baby manage to overcome it though it's not fully recover. One of its hand can't move anymore so it's difficult for it to get food or even walk. To prevent things like this happen again, I can only take the bottle away and replace with a bowl so the hamsters have water to drink. Who knows one of the baby died cause it falls into the bowl of water and drown. I'm really sad about it and really can't find a wise way to solve it. It would be easier if Tit Tit won't be that naughty. :(

On the other hand, the dog that I mentioned before in my blog. He's now very friendly with my sis and I. When he sees us, he'll wave his tail and come near to us. My sis finds that he'll bark at strangers or cars if they get near to our house. Many times when my sister tries to open the gate when we reach home, he'll bark. When my sister call him, he'll know it's my sister and stops barking. We let him in to our garage and he doesn't want to get out when he comes in. Isn't it cute? Of course, he's still scare of my family cause they never get close to him. Slowly, I wish he can be friends with my family as well. Though we can't adopt it, I find it's good to be friend with such a cute dog. Teehee.

Recently, I'm really interested in animals as you can see most of my posts are about animals. x.x Sorry~ I really do wish to have a dog. Maybe.. When the time is right. :) 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Discovered not all stuffs can share with people. There's still something that deep in heart you can't share. Agree/disagree? Hmmm~